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English 10/10 H Syllabus


Walker Valley High School

English 10/10 H Syllabus 2015-2016


STEM Academy-Katie Holt (

Humanities Academy-LeAnn Klepzig (

MBA-Erin Rains (


I. Course Overview (Adapted from SpringBoard materials)

English 10 focuses on the concept of culture and community; and examines how these influences shape identity and perspective.  Students read and analyze works of world literature, with emphasis on analysis of how stylistic choices and rhetorical elements shape tone in persuasive and argumentative texts, both print and nonprint.  Students deconstruct writing prompts and write a synthesis essay that incorporates perspectives from multiple sources, an important skill.  Students develop their independent learning skills as they respond to opportunities for self-evaluation. 

 II. Course Materials

Provided-primary text-SpringBoard English Textual Power Level 5 workbook; supplemental textbook-Pearson Literature English 10

 Student Supply List-The following supplies are needed for completion of student coursework: pens (blue and/or black ink), pencils, highlighter(s), Post-It notes; suggested:  3 x 5 index cards.

 III. Course Policies: Grades

Assignment Submission Policy-Assignments are due at the start of the class period on the scheduled deadline. Students should not expect to work on due assignments during the class period on the date due. Assignments that are not handed in at the start of class will not be accepted during that class period.

 Should an assignment/project due date coincide with a planned absence (field trip, appointment, etc.), the student should make arrangements to submit work on or before the due date either in person or by email.

 Students should back up and/or save work completed using technology in at least two alternative ways (hard copy, memory stick, email, etc.) Technology, while necessary and helpful, is not always reliable. Technology failure/difficulty will not be an acceptable excuse for not submitting an assignment. Any work that is not submitted on time will be assessed according to the late work policy.

 Late Work Policy-A penalty of half a letter grade will be assessed on work submitted one day past the assignment due date. A penalty of a full letter grade will be assessed on work submitted 2-7 days late. Work will not be accepted more than 7 days past the scheduled due date.

 Makeup Work Policy-Students will have the number of days absent plus two to turn in work accrued during an absence, according to district policy. Students are responsible for contacting the teacher to obtain any missed work.

Basis for Final Grade-

Assessments: 40%

Assignments: 30%

Participation: 20%
Starters: 10%

 IV. Course Policies: Technology & Media

Technology and Media will be a vital part of the SpringBoard Classroom, for research as well as class work, and assignments.  Students will be expected to adhere to Walker Valley policies regarding the acceptable use of technology and media.  There will be teacher-directed assignments during which smart phones and other electronic devices are allowed and encouraged as well as times when students may be asked to place smart phones in the teacher's possession to avoid distractions and eliminate risks.

 Please note that "technology failure" is not a valid excuse for a late assignment.  Please plan ahead, and address potential problems with teacher before there is an issue.

 V. Course Policies: Student Expectations

Academic Conduct: (Adapted from West High School) According to Harbrace Handbook, 15th edition:

               "Plagiarism is defined as presenting someone else's ideas, research, or opinion as your own

               without proper documentation, even if it has been rephrased. It includes, but is not limited to

               the following:

               1. Copying verbatim all or part of another's written work;

               2. Using phrases, figures, or illustrations without citing the source;

               3. Paraphrasing ideas, conclusions, or research without citing the source;

               4. Using all or part of a literary plot, poem, or film without attributing the work to its creator."

 Consequences of Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a form of stealing and academic fraud. Students who are found guilty of plagiarism will have the option of either redoing the assignment within a specified time period and accepting a grade letter drop or taking a zero on the assignment. Parents should be involved in making the decision.

 Attendance: In order to learn and be successful in class, students must regularly attend both physically and mentally. Students with numerous absences may have difficulty reaching their potential in the SpringBoard classroom. Numerous opportunities for group work and collaboration are an important part of the class and cannot be exactly replicated for students who are absent.

 Classroom Policy/Procedures: Every student is expected to exhibit respect for one's self, classmates and teacher, so that the classroom community is conducive to all students' learning.  All Walker Valley school policies will be enforced.  The SpringBoard curriculum relies heavily on small group work and group discussions. Students will be expected to conduct themselves professionally, make valid contributions to group work, and seek to be constructive and engaging in group discussions.

   VI. Important Dates: Several scheduled events will affect sophomore class members. Please be on the lookout for these dates as that information is made available.

 *All sophomores take the PLAN assessment.

  *TNReady assessments will be administered this year to all English 10 students. These assessments will be administered in two parts in the latter part of each semester. Students will no longer take a separate EOC and writing assessment.

 VII. Communication:

Any questions concerning an individual student may be emailed to your student's instructor. Use the contact emails at the top of this document. Please include a subject line to ensure the email is delivered in a timely manner and not trapped in the webmail spam folder. Alternatively, parents are welcome to call the front office at 423.336.1383. Please be aware that the office will not interrupt classes to transfer a phone call to the classroom. A member of the office staff will take your message and deliver it to the teacher's mailbox.

 Syllabus developed by: Katie Holt, LeAnn Klepzig, Erin Rains

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