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Freshman Academy Honors Program (updated)



Walker Valley High School

2017 - 2018

Freshman Pre-Advanced Placement Program



The Freshman Pre-Advanced Placement Program at Walker Valley desires to set students apart from the traditional academic trajectory.  While there are a number of different honors programming options for high school students, we believe that our Freshman Pre-Advanced Placement Program will help students prepare for the rigor and demand of Advanced Placement courses, the ACT exam, and ultimately the university path.  We believe that our Freshman Academy and Advanced Placement Program have been pivotal to the continued rise of our regional best ACT score, our yearly scholarship awards reaching over 8 million dollars, and our substantial college acceptance rates.


Students that engage in this programming can expect to focus on instructional strategies that advance them in core curriculum with a concentration in critical thinking, focused writing, and problem solving skills.  Through these unique instructional strategies, we believe our students will be better conditioned for success in all academic areas in high school and beyond.    Students will also have the opportunity, as upperclassman, to engage in college credited coursework (both Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment) with credit options that transfer to most national universities. 


Pre-AP courses offered:  (Enrollment can be any single or combination of courses)

Pre-AP Integrated Math

Pre-AP English 9

Pre-AP Physical Science

Pre-AP American Government




Monday, May 8th    Tuesday, May 9th    Wednesday, May 10th                Tuesday, June13th

OMS Café                    OMS Café                    OMS Café                                Walker Valley High

3:00 - Math           3:00 - Science                 3:00 - English                           9:00am - ALL

(1 hour)                       (1 hour)                       (1 hour)                                   (3 hours)


*Students will need pencils, scratch paper, and non-graphing calculators (math only)

*Exams will take place at OMS in May and at Walker Valley High in June.

*The June testing day is for out-of-zone students/non OMS students and those students that need make-up exams from May. 

*Students are only required to test for classes they are interested in taking the Pre-AP class. 

*Parents should be prepared to pick up their child from OMS by 4:00pm on the testing day and by 11:30am on the testing day in June at Walker Valley. 








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