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Graduation 2018 - Parking Information
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Saturday, May 05, 2018
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You can find a Map for parking in this article.

Related Files: Gaduation_Parking_Map.pdf

Parking for Graduation 2018

The two gates at the front of the school will be entrances only before graduation and exits only after graduation.  The gate you enter will be the side you park and exit.  The exit gate on the gold side will turn left only and the exit gate on the blue side will turn right only.  The back gate on the softball side will be an entrance and exit both before and after graduation.   All seniors, choir and band member need to use this gate and will park in the gym parking lot. If a parent is dropping their student off, they will enter at the softball field, drop off at the gym entrance and exit by the softball field.  The back gate by the baseball field is for Handicap (WVHS passes & State issued Handicapped tag) and VIP parking passes.    You will exit the same gate.


HANDICAPPED PARKING/ENTRANCE/SEATING: There is a form that needs to be filled out for handicapped seating.  If you need a form, please have your student see Mrs. Black in May.  Please make sure these forms are turned back in by the deadline.  Your student will be given a ticket which will be used for entrance for parking by the baseball field and will need to be given at the gate inside the stadium to enter the handicapped seating section.  YOU MUST HAVE THE TICKET! Without the ticket you will not be able to enter park at the stadium or have special seating. The tickets received are for the person needing special seating and 1 other.  Each ticket will have the name on it.  Tickets only valid for the person listed on the ticket.


Multi-seat carts will be shuttling from the parking lot to the bus ramp where you may load a mini bus and ride to the football field or you have the option to walk to the field.  These shuttles will be running at the end of graduation as well. 

In the event of inclement weather and graduation has to be moved inside.  The two front gates and the gate at the baseball field will be entrances only before graduation and exit only after graduation.  The gate by the softball field will be an entrance and exit both before and after.  There will be no special parking for handicap or VIP other than the marked handicapped spaces. 


Please make sure you inform any family or friends that are attending the ceremony about parking and entrances/exits.  Remember those who can’t walk to the field but don’t need special seating, can ride the golf carts and mini buses to the stadium.  We want to make this special occasion run as smoothly as possible

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