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Culture Week 2018
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Monday, March 12, 2018
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Here are the exciting events happening on Culture Week (March 26-29)

Culture Week 2018          “Night at the Museum”


Logic and Premise

“Art is a universal element of human culture. No culture is known where some form of aesthetic expression does not occur”      - The Decorative Experience at the McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture in Knoxville, TN


Sponsored by the students of the Walker Valley World Language Club and teachers of the World Language Department


DATES: March 26th – March 29th


TIMES:  Activities will be mostly held during MAP time. Students with permitted passes will be able to attend the following activities. (Some activities may be before or after school, such as the International Worship Service.)



PARTICIPANTS: any member of the student body, who holds a valid MAP pass from Mrs. Holman, Mrs. Eulo, Ms. Rudy, Mrs. Freeman or Mrs. Brown

TIME: during MAP – students will acquire free-of-charge MAP passes in the cafeteria leading up to culture week – these tickets will be signed MAP passes signed by either of our six World Language teachers



1.      Mystery at the Louvre – a break out room

2.      Art exhibits

3.      Music from around the World

4.      International Film Festival

5.      Arts and Crafts Workshop

6.      International Foods in the Cafeteria

7.      MAP door decoration competition – see reverse side of this paper for hall assignments and door decorating prompt

8.      Story Telling

9.      Round Table Conversations (sponsored by the Diversity Committee)

10.   Parade of Flags

11.   Cultural Dances with Wendy

12.   International Worship Service (with FCA on Wednesday before school)


Downstairs Blue: Mexican Muralism – the Americas

Upstairs Blue: Surrealism, Dada - Europe

Fine Arts: Aboriginal Art - Australia

Downstairs Gold: African - Africa

Upstairs Gold: Japonism - Asia

CTE Gold: De Stijl - Europe



This competition is not a competition among hallways or academies. Each classroom/MAP teacher competes individually with the class of their choice. So, if your MAP students find little interest in decorating your door, then you may want to find a way to incorporate the culture week door decorating activity into your regular class’ schedule.

Door Decorating Prompt: Decorate your door to represent your hallway’s assigned art movement. You will want to do some research first, of course. In order to be considered for the competition part of this activity you must include

-        Picture and bio of an artist from this movement

-        An example of the art movement

-        A mention of a museum, which houses examples of this art

-        Information (to include a map) of the country or culture where the art originated

-        An explanation of key ideas from this movement

-        A quote

The nicest decorated door will receive a prize for the whole class to enjoy; a piñata party!

Leading up to the dates of culture week, a representative of the world language club/department will supply the planning center of your hallway with examples of your art movement, and ideas as to how to begin your research.

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