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  Mission Statement  

WVHS Mission Statement and Beliefs

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Mission Statement - Walker Valley High School

       Walker Valley High School, in partnership with students, families, and community, is committed to providing equal opportunity for all students to gain knowledge, values, and skills that empowers each student to become productive members in a diverse and complex society.   

 We Believe:

  Maximum academic achievement is the result of hard work, regular participation, self-discipline, and positive attitudes.

  Utilization of technology throughout the curriculum will prepare students that feel confident and competent to meet the challenges in the world of work.

  Students, teachers, and the community must be active participants in the life-long learning process.

  Teamwork is essential for implementing and maintaining a student code of conduct, for promoting positive attitudes and cooperative behavior, and for supporting effective learning.

  Assessment of student learning will provide each student with an assortment of opportunities to express and apply academic achievement and should be held to the highest standard.

  Nurturing students in a safe, supportive environment is a priority. 

  Good citizenship, respect for others, and moral values are important for a quality of life.

  Student achievement should be systemically celebrated in all areas through recognition and reward.

  About The School  

Attendance and Graduation

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